10 Jan

To put it mildly, I watch a lot of movies, tv, and read a lot too. Because of this I have plenty of opinions when it comes to how good/bad/meh a show might be. Since I’m not shy about my opinions I thought I’d start up a blog.

I have dvd sets of some shows and so I am going to work my way through them, but at the same time I will blog about new stuff as well. I kind of want to start from the beginning though, or at least a good spot like a season or mid-season premiere because starting in the middle does lose something in the translation since over-arching plot lines are continuing.

And then there are the Movies. Occasionally I seen brand new ones (not as much as I used to) but I have a huge DVD collection and so I will likely grab one from time to time and post on it.

Books, well, it takes me awhile to read a book, esp since I spend a lot of time on writing and watching tv, but I do have my favorites and plans on reading a few in the future so I can’t forget that medium.

As for the ‘and more’ part… it sounded cool, and who knows, maybe there will be more.

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Posted by on January 10, 2012 in General


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