Castle – S04E12 – “Dial M for Mayor”

17 Jan

ABC's Castle

Castle – S04E12 – “Dial M for Mayor”

A pretty plain murder starts off what is a pretty plain episode of Castle. A woman found strangled leads back to the Mayor’s office and Castle doesn’t want to believe that his friend is a murderer, a plot device we’ve seen before. The killer is pretty obvious from the get go if you understand how the series is put together, but there is at least one interesting twist. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much of the wit and zaniness that we’ve all come to know and love from Castle. It continues a trend of blasé episodes which I guess is the Dramady’s attempt to be more Drama, less Comedy. At least the episode leaves us with a very interesting question that needs to be answered about Joanna Beckett’s murder, a story arc that while decidedly interesting, is woefully lacking.

Score: 3 ½ of 5


Castle – S04E12 – “Dial M for Mayor”

Castle – S04E12 – “Dial M for Mayor”

A woman is strangled and left in a car. Nothing macabre or remarkable, just plain old murder. The interesting part is that the car belongs to the City Hall motor pool and leads back to an event Mayor Robert Weldon (Derek Webster) was attending. This leads through a typical storyline of the Mayor being a suspect in the crime as evidence points to him but Castle believes he’s innocent. We’ve seen this plot before which was the first clue to the Mayor being innocent. The other was the innocuous placement of Bones semi-regular Michael Grant Terry in the perfect position to be the murderer.

The crime does lead to a sex-talk line which should have been fun, seeing as this is Richard Castle we’re talking about here, but it read almost like an episode of Law & Order. Eventually the trail stumbles upon a plot by persons unknown to ruin the Mayor’s bid for Governor and perhaps later the Presidency.

Castle – S04E12 – “Dial M for Mayor”

Castle and Beckett speak to Mayor.

The twist comes when the mysterious man who previously contacted Castle to tell him to back off of Joanna Beckett’s murder, for the sake of Beckett’s life, contacts him again and gives Castle the vital clue to solve the case. Why did he do it? To keep Castle in the game. If the Mayor is gone, Castle is gone, and there is no one to keep Beckett on a leash and therefore save her life.

So just who is this man? How much power does he hold? Who is this other group who wants to destroy the Mayor and kill Beckett is she gets too close? It’s definitely intriguing to say the least.

It could be nothing, but right before the mysterious man speaks to Castle using a chessboard metaphor, Captain Gates says something similar to Beckett, chess and all. Could be coincidence as it’s a common metaphor… or does it mean something? Gates comes from a family of cops, was in I.A., and says that she likes cops and only wants to look out for them. Could it be she’s in on this game, somewhere? Depending on how that is played out, this could be a fantastic or horrible plot thread.

We’ll just have to see where this leads us.

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