Fringe – S04E09 – “Enemy of My Enemy”

22 Jan
FOX's Fringe
Spoilers from previous episodes.

Peter has agreed to be emissary for Walternate in return for his help on the machine and wants to cross back over but Lee wants to stay and work on the shape shifter problem. When past enemy David Robert Jones (Jared Harris) is brought in to be interrogated, Peter has second thoughts. Peter is a variable that Jones hadn’t planned for but that doesn’t stop him from causing havoc. Meanwhile, Peter’s Other mother does what she has to in order to save this version of Peter and that means going to an unlikely ally. Great episode which carries the momentum of last week’s electric mid-season premiere.

Score: 4 of 5


Fringe – S04E09 – “Enemy of My Enemy”

David Robert Jones (Harris) returns.

I think the writers have it in for AltBroyles, earlier before the merge he was killed off to save Olivia and in this time line he’s dead and replaced by a shape shifter. He does a wonderful job of playing AltBroyles in character even though his boss has been brought in for questioning, etc. This is mostly because he knows that Jones has planned for this and he doesn’t have to ruin his cover in order to rescue him.

Harris, for his part, plays Jones like a James Bond villain, Peter being Bond when he walks into the interrogation room and starts telling Jones stuff he couldn’t possibly know. Peter has killed him once, he can do it again.

One of the best lines of the season is spoken right before this, when Peter wants to return to Our Universe (is it really ours anymore?) and Lee wants to stay and help.

Lee: I lost a partner.
Peter: I lost a universe.

It could have been really cheesy but played just right. That’s the hallmark of this show, the ability to make all the tough choices to keep the cheese at bay and really make this a fresh take on classic tropes. Case in point, the hand on the window at the hospital, we’ve seen it a million times before but when the skin slips off, it’s a whole new level of sickening realization that is a small but effective topper for the scene.

Fringe – S04E09 – “Enemy of My Enemy”

Peter helps to locate Jones.

However, Jones’ escape isn’t as quite fresh and new (LieLee slipped a tracker into his drink and Jones used decoy money to spread the signal then drank something to make his tracker inert) but it does let us see AltBroyles really being able to act the part to the point of not being questioned by the rest of Fringe Division.  In fact, the back half of the episode is a bit of a basic ‘hunt for the bad guy’ faire and if not for the B-Plot it would lose a lot of its momentum, proving that B-Plots do matter.

Peter’s Other mother wants to help Peter, Walternate wants to help too, but it’s really Walter who is the best person to do this because he kind of started the whole thing. So she goes to Walter to ask him to help Peter. They haven’t seen each other since Walter stole Peter and Walter hasn’t seen his wife (any version of her) since she committed suicide not long after the whole incident.

Once again, could someone PLEASE give John Noble a freaking Emmy/Gold Globe/SAG already???

Fringe – S04E09 – “Enemy of My Enemy”

Elizabeth Bishop vists Walter.

In what is a really touching moment, Mrs Bishop tells Walter that she has forgiven him, a long time ago, for what he did. He was trying to save Peter after all. And in her mind, somewhere, there had to be realities where Peter did live and grew up happy, married, had kids, etc, and that is what kept her going. She would have never considered this had Walter not proved the existence of multi-universes. She asks him to please, help this version of their son.

It’s interesting to note that in this version of events, Walter never got his White Oleander sign which signaled his forgiveness by god (to him at least).

The end of the episode is Walter going to Peter, telling him that he will help him because his mother is the most wonderful of women, every version of her. Peter is probably the happiest he’s been since coming into this universe, not because Walter is helping, but because this Walter is exactly the kind of man he should be… read… he is just like his father who he loves so dearly and trying to get back to.

Does this mean that Peter might be considering staying in the new universe? What about his Olivia? With this show, you never know how things are going to spin next. And considering Nina Sharpe is either a shape shifter or otherwise involved in Jones’ plan means anything is possible in this new time line.

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