Royal Pains – S03E11 – “A Farewell to Barnes”

23 Jan

USA's Royal Pains

Royal Pains – S03E11 – “A Farewell to Barnes”

Spoilers for previous episodes.

After leaving off with a patient dying due to Divya’s mistake and Hank’s relationship with Jill precariously perched, “A Farewell to Barnes” gives a satisfying conclusion to the plot points but is otherwise unremarkable as a mid-season premiere. The patient of the week is not exactly sympathetic (she is such a whiner) nor is the medical problem all that interesting. Even the return of Tom Cavanagh as golfer Jack O’Malley is not as fun as it could have been. Solid episode but lacking the punch to really push this last half of the season.

Score: 3 of 5


At the end of the mid-season, Divya made a horrible mistake and prescribed a patient the wrong medicine. Hank luckily discovers him but was it in time? Pretty much, as television goes. Poor Kassabian (Wilmer Valderrama) spends a chunk of the episode in a coma but wakes up in time have his say in what happened.

Royal Pains – S03E11 – “A Farewell to Barnes”

Hank confronts Van Dyke about the medication.

As Hank suffers déjà vu from his own mistakes (which landed him in position he is in the first place), neurotic party planner Lucy (Kathleen Rose Perkins) is suffering from her own anxiety (and apparently a gluten allergy). I must say though, the idea of the divorce party and how it played out was pretty fun.

Jill has issues about her leaving for Uruguay for her dream job. Divya is upset about her mistake. Evan and Paige go back and forth but eventually get engaged. It’s all taken care of, for the most part, but other than a cool party and a few snazzy lines of dialogue, there is just no meat on the bones of any of this. It’s all straight forward point A to point B stuff.

Most times shows try to go too far, but for once I think this one didn’t try to go far enough. The only reason this episode doesn’t get a 2 ½ score is because Hank’s argument with Van Dyke and the Divorce Party really are nice highlights in an otherwise blasé episode.

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