The Finder – S01E04 – “Swing and a Miss”

03 Feb

Fox's The Finder

The Finder – S01E04 – “Swing and a Miss”

When Isabel’s new boyfriend gets robbed, she convinces Walter to take the case. Walter knows that the boyfriend is hiding something and warns her that he always finds more than what he is looking for. The Finder ends up discovering more than anyone bargained for and this time it’s all about his relationship with Isabel. While it’s a small dip in quality from the first three, Finder continues to perform well with snappy humor to spare.

Score: 3 ½ of 5


The Finder – S01E04 – “Swing and a Miss”

Isabel askes Walter to help retrieve her boyfriend's stolen goods.

Isabel is dating a famous baseball player, Frankie, and he gets robbed of many valuables, including his luck. He’s reluctant to admit this so Walter refuses to take the case. Isabel persuades him to do so as a personal favor. Walter warns her that, as always, he finds more than the item lost and she’s willing to take the risk.

Some great moments in this episode, especially with the un-aptly named Twins. This really showcases the episode’s quick witted humor. You can’t look away but you’re so busy laughing it’s hard not to.

The bad part though is that you knew Frankie’s catcher was in on it as soon as you met him. It was pretty obvious and another ‘swing and a miss’ for Finder in the detective element of the show. It’s possible that they are focusing so much on the humor and characters that they are letting this lapse. It’s not enough to harm the show as said elements are more than enough to keep watchers interested, but it’s something to consider this early in the series as they find their legs.

Willa edges dangerously closer to Wesley Crusher territory though at least this was somewhat reasonable in that her Uncle Shad helped the guy set up the business (dues ex anyone?). The gun battle was weird as well, kinda stupid actually, but I’m sure that was the point as Walter makes the gun comment right afterwards. Don’t bring a gun to a fight if you don’t know how to use one properly I say.

As for Walter, he does find more than Frankie’s luck. In the episode we discover that he and Isabel have a ‘friend with benefits’ structured relationship with rules and sub-paragraphs and everything. Walter realizes his jealousy and Isabel realizes she thinks a lot more about Walter than decent for a casual relationship. It’s different to see the two leads start to get together so soon in a show. Moonlighting-curse aside, it just makes literary sense to drag it on a little bit so that the payout is bigger for the audience.

So far this show has shown an irreverence for convention, so I’m betting this is another nod at that. We really don’t get a successful conclusion in “Swing and a Miss” so it’s possible they will weave in some obstacles. It’s dangerous territory though, so much can go so wrong, but if they get through successfully then it will be totally worth it.

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