Grimm – S01E10 – “Organ Grinder”

04 Feb

NBC's Grimm

Grimm – S01E10 – “Organ Grinder”

Nick stumbles upon a monster-ran organ smuggling ring which is preying on the homeless. Embracing his inner-Grimm, Nick must locate the monsters responsible before a young girl and her brother become the next victims in this spin on the classic Hansel and Gretel tale. Nick’s character development is given center stage but that isn’t enough to raise this rather boring and predictable episode above the ranks of average.

Score: 3 of 5


Hank says it all when he wonders if it’s just him or is this town getting freakier and freakier? Leaves open the question of whether or not the monsters being conveniently located where a Grimm took up residence is coincidence or design. It also leads Hank farther down the road of discovery of the truth.

Grimm – S01E10 – “Organ Grinder”

Nick intimidates a shop owner.

And is it me or is Juliette too good to be true as Nick’s girlfriend? Could she be a fairy or witch of some sort? If she was a monster then the Aunt wouldn’t have let her live. I hope she does turn out to be something other than a monster (which would be cliché city). If she simply is this good a person then hello Mary Sue-ville.

The Captain knew what they were going up against and wasted no time in using a shotgun on the monster. Again, one has to wonder just what is his end game and where does he stand on monsters in general? More importantly, who was on the other end of that phone call? It was a call we were expecting and let’s hope this story line delivers.

Nick for his part, is really starting to embrace his inner-Grimm in this episode. He intimidates monsters with his Grimm-persona and definitely goes rogue from his cop persona. Granted, two lives where on the line and he had no reason/warrant for being in the shop but it seems like he was way to comfortable throwing his reputation around. Thing is, it isn’t his reputation. If the monsters only knew how little training he’s had and how easy he’d be to kill then they wouldn’t run so much.

As for the plot line, even if this wasn’t an obvious attempt at the Hansel and Gretel story, it was still pretty tropey and predictable. As soon as he spent any amount of time with the doctor we knew she was the ring leader. As soon as the kids were given names we knew that he would have to rescue them, it was only a matter of time before they would be caught. It’s a plot-line seen on just about every cop show in existence.

Even Monroe wasn’t as punchy or interesting in this episode, dragging it down further into mediocrity. Nick’s character development is the only thing that really rescues it. It’s a decent buffer episode at least as last week’s episode was pretty darn good and next week’s looks wicked (in more ways than one).

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