Fringe – S04E11 – “Making Angels”

05 Feb

FOX's Fringe

Fringe – S04E11 – “Making Angels”

Altrid crosses over so she could meet her alternate and Bolivia comes to fetch her because no one can believe Altrid is doing anything malicious. Walter has to face his hatred of Bolivia as well as his feelings for Peter while a man runs around killing individuals who will either die miserably or ruin the lives of others. Some wonderful interactions don’t save this episode from the fact it’s another precog story line and a dull one at that.

Score: 3 of 5


Fringe – S04E11 – “Making Angels”

Astrid meets her alternate.

Altrid crosses into our universe just as a man predicts what will happen to a cancer patient and literally saves him the trouble of dying a slow, painful death. My initial thoughts were that this was going to be a case of statistical game theory where the villain of the week was able to predict what was happening and somehow Altrid stumbled across the statistical improbabilities and took it upon herself to do something about it. That would have made this episode so much more interesting.

Instead, Altrid’s father had died and she couldn’t quite cope so she went to her alternate who is ‘normal’ to try to understand if her father loved her even though she was ‘different’. Great touch with Astrid’s scream at seeing her alternate, as Olivia put it, why don’t people do that more often? Walter shows his softer, fatherly side, being kinder to the autistic Altrid and calling her by her real name. Though, we all know he keeps messing with Astrid’s name as a sign of affection.

Bolivia crosses over to fetch Altrid and ends up being stuck there until the case of the mercy killer and is solved since Altrid comes in handy at these kinds of things. Wonderful interactions between Bolivia and Walter as he calls her a Mata Hari viper woman. Bolivia is able to eventually win Walter over to at least neutral respect. Bolivia also gets Olivia thinking about Peter, he is a fine looking, intelligent, strong specimen of a man. Okay, she didn’t really say that but we’re all thinking it.

Speaking of Peter, as in the last episode he doesn’t have much to do except stand around as window dressing. There is a moment where he is literally seconds ahead of Walter in what to do regarding the case and this riles up Walter. Altrid is very astute, nothing that Walter loves Peter, or at least loves him as much as he would want to love his son should he have survived. Peter does have an effect on the people around him, but he doesn’t show any more signs of not wanting to leave.

Fringe – S04E11 – “Making Angels”

Observers communication device.

Also, the Observers are given a bit more transparency. They have communicators which I’m sure someone out there is feverously trying to decipher but not me, cause I can’t make heads or tails of it. Our favorite Observer, September, is obviously the rogue of the bunch in any universe. He’s lied to the others, again. How could they not have noticed Peter was back? And not sure I like the idea of giving them technology to explain their Observer-ness. Will have to see where they go with this.

Lastly, Peter and Olivia knew about the rod… yet they didn’t think to check the house for it and find the quite obvious safe? Fail.

The episode has some nice character development but the sub-par story line relegates this latest Fringe to blah-ville. Important to watch for the details but overall not worth rewatching.

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