Supernatural – S07E13 – “The Slice Girls”

07 Feb

CW's Supernatural

Supernatural – S07E13 – “The Slice Girls”

Men are being murdered, divested of their hands and feet while an ancient symbol is carved into their flesh. Sam and Dean are on the case but find themselves woefully inadequate without Bobby’s help. Then when Dean finds himself in the middle of an ancient ritual, dispatching the monster of the week isn’t as clear as he once thought it was. Solid episode with a wonderful glimmer of hope for later episodes but overall, predictable and on-the-nose.

Score: 3 of 5


There isn’t much to say about this episode except it was a bit gorier than the last few, not to mention the TV-14 sex scene which was intercut with a horrible murder. Points for creepy/gory esthetics, for sure.

Dean, needing to unwind during the case hooks up with a woman, turns out, she’s a monster, sorta. Bound to happen.

Supernatural – S07E13 – “The Slice Girls”

A standoff occurs and Dean is reluctant to pull the trigger.

The Amazonians were once real women but they made a pact with Harmonia and then things got freaky. Seems they mate with a man, give birth and the child takes about two days to get to 16-18 years old, then they age normally. But first they have to kill their father. Dean gets one of these women knocked up and she has a monster by him. That daughter then goes to him and tells him a sad story of wanting to escape her existence, all this a means to get close to him

In predictable fashion, a stalemate occurs where Dean is reluctant to shoot and Sam has to finish off his pseudo-niece. It’s a call back to Dean killing Amy and Sam makes no bones about it (could have done without the reminder of Amy at the beginning of the episode). While I feel this should have had more punch to it, it doesn’t really. Perhaps if they had actually let the child live, or, I dunno… the whole thing was way to obvious and bland.

However, in continuance of the empty beer bottle, we now have shifting papers which ends up showing the boys exactly what they need to solve what’s going on. Looks like we have a ghost on our hands. Of course, as Sam puts it, they want it to be a ghost of Bobby running around, so of course it can’t be him. Which means for the audience that of course it is Bobby! Yay! Let’s hope the old grouch has more tricks up his ethereal sleeves, the boys are gonna need them.

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