FOX Cancels House, and I’m okay with that.

08 Feb

FOX's House

Word has come down from the powers that be that Hugh Laurie’s Medical!Sherlock drama House is coming to an end at the close of this, its eighth season. It comes as no surprise as Hugh Laurie’s contract was up the end of the season, they already lost Lisa Edelstein, Olivia Wilde and several others, as well the show is suffering middling ratings.

The cast of House on FOX

The cast of House on FOX

I was actually just debating if I should start reviews of House as it’s one of the shows I watch but I kept shrugging it off. For one, the technical babble always tends to get muddled up for me, I can’t keep it straight afterwards. I just know that the same formula of ‘the first two diagnoses are wrong, patient almost dies, House has an ah-ha! moment, patient saved’ is played every week and I can figure it out from there.

While House never quite jumped the shark, it just stopped being as engaging as it once was. It put on a good face by sending him to rehab, having him crash his car into Huddy’s house, etc, but everything in between was simply filler.

I’m glad to see it go peacefully into the night instead of lagging on for another year or so to finally find that shark to jump. There are some great actors on the series and I hope that they can continue on into new roles, House isn’t exactly a major stereotyping style show (unlike SciFi).

The only question I have is… are they going to end House properly? There is still time to shoot a finale, a proper finale. Let’s hope because as I say, the finale makes the show. Eight years folks, let’s hope it was worth it.

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