Iphi Reviews is a personal blog of all things television and film as these will encompass most of the reviews. I have spent 10 years in the movie theatre industry and used to write reviews for a local newspaper (I stopped because I moved), and so I have a fair idea on what makes a decent flick/show, or at least a strong opinion on that.

I look at two major things when watching a visual productions: Emotional (is the story good, is it captivating or entertaining, is the cheese factor kept at a minimum) and Techincal (is it well acted, how is the pacing, few wtf moments).

I want the same for the books I read except substitute acting with writing.

I will review as I watch/read. With television series I wanted to original start from the beginning but sometimes that isn’t feasible as I want to post as close to watching/rewatching as possible, and with new shows I decided I’ll post as I watch and catch up as I go. I foresee much Netflix in the future.

All reviews will have a general non-spoiler overview and then a spoiler review afterwards if deemed necessary. They will be marked.

You might ask why I’m doing this. Well, I’ve already done reviews on a popular web community but not nearly as detailed or ambitious as I plan here. I decided maybe I should start my own blog and get some of the praise and rage off my chest as I watch my favorite shows and movies.

Won’t you join me?


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