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Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace Re-release Official Poster

Me and Star Wars have a troubled, abusive, relationship. From the movies to the books the franchise has continued to beat me down but yet I held on for a long long time, reading the books, watching the different versions of the movies… until I finally said no, no more. I wasn’t going to give Star Wars any more of my time or money, it was for the best.

And that worked out until my nephew begged me to take him to the re-release of EPI in 3D. As I’m sure my parents didn’t want to go the Star Wars movies when I begged them to take me, yet they did, I couldn’t ignore the call of Karma. I took my nephew to see The Phantom Menace in 3D on opening night… and I have to say, the movie was better the second time around.

While I place the prequels on the bottom rung of the Star Wars movies, Menace was never the worse in my opinion. I considered it a good starting point for what should have been two epically awesome movies to come (but more on that later). I liked the idea of the young Anakin who used to be a slave and is suddenly told there is something special about him. This was perfect set up to make Anakin a post-Homeric Hero.

Even the inclusion of Artoo and Threepio did not go directly against the original episodes so there was no major argument there. Sure, there were some slight differences which could be explained (Obi says Yoda trained him, any person in a ‘trade’ can have more than one teacher) and a few things that don’t quite make sense (Naboo elects a pre-teen Queen?). All of this is in the spirit of the first films and forgivable.

There was a lot of lovely call backs to A New Hope, more than I caught the first time I watched it, and I appreciated them more on the second go around.

As for Midiclorians, yeah, the way I look at it, the bacteria is attracted to the Force and therefore the stronger the Force user the more there would be floating around in their blood. Kind of like how we recognize some virus’ by the anti-bodies in the blood and not the virus itself. After awhile people just started referencing one as the other. See, I can make EPI work for me, I love (loved) Star Wars that much.

And I grade Menace on a curve because it is the first film back after several years and had a lot to live up to. I even forgive Jar Jar because he wasn’t that annoying, just an easy target for all the fan boys to direct their anger at the film not living up to their expectations.

Of course this re-release was in 3D and wasn’t a bad conversion. The problem is, nothing really jumps out like a gimmicky 3D movie and therefore the 3D is pretty useless. The pod-race was good, but again, I expected them to throw in some stuff flying out at you to really put you in the experience and they didn’t.

But the re-released allowed my nephew to see the film on the big screen for the first time and he loved it. He was happy and laughing and going on about it the rest of the night, so can’t really complain about that now can I?

Score: 4 of 5

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And for some time…

Found an article today that I thought I’d share. After spending ten years in the movie theatre industry I can tell you, a lot of things are broken but the fixes aren’t as easy as one would think…

The way we measure box office success is completely broke.

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One for the Money (2012)

Non-Spoiler (i.e. nothing you can’t figure out from the trailers)
One for the Money (2012)

One for the Money (2012) Official Movie Poster

The only reason I went to see this movie is because my mother is a really big fan of the Janet Evanovich novels and I promised I’d take her. At first I thought the movie starred Katie Holmes because if you look at the movie posters a brunette Katherine Heigl looks just like her. Needless to say I’m not a big fan of Heigl as she tends to play the same neurotic character over and over again and it’s not even a likable character. Also, Heigl isn’t really a bad actress, she just doesn’t seem to try in most of her films. Thankfully, Stephanie Plum is more hapless than neurotic and a refreshing change for Heigl who put in a bit more effort which lifted this film immensely.

Stephanie Plum is a divorced ex-lingerie department manager whose hamster eats better than her. Looking for a new job she comes across her cousin Vinnie who is a Bail Bondsman. One of the bail-jumpers is Joe Morelli, a man she has some history with. She proceeds to chase after him but doesn’t know what to do once she catches him, it’s not like he’ll go willingly.

The whole film reminds of 90’s filmmaking which makes some sense since the book was written in ‘94. It’s a typical crime-based romantic comedy and avoids a lot of the clichés so I can see why the book was so popular. However, it’s a bit cluttered with a lot of little bits going on in the background which I guess would make sense to those who had read the book. It’s not enough to really knock this film down but does give a bit of that annoying ‘haha we know something you don’t’ vibe.

There is a wonderful cast of supporting characters and they really make the film as it’s a more interesting story when they are onscreen as opposed to just Heigl. However, she has almost no chemistry with Jason O’Mara so the romantic angle isn’t as quite good as it could have been.

Debbie Reynolds in One for the Money (2012)

Debbie Reynolds in One for the Money (2012)

Of course, the film also stars the wonderful Debbie Reynolds as the grandmother… who comes off as drunk to me but I’m assured by my mother that the character is simply that crazy.

One for the Money is one of those lazy afternoon movies that you watch without high expectations because you just want something to kill the time. If you go in expecting ‘high art’ then you obviously weren’t paying attention to anything about the film in the first place.

Word of warning, or not, depending, there is a moment where Heigl is naked in the shower and is interrupted. Instead of cheating with camera angles there is full on frontal shots with her covering her bits as to keep it PG-13. Think Bullock in The Proposal. At least if you drag your man to see it (or you are that man being dragged) then there is something there for you.

Score: 3 of 5

Mom’s Score: 2 ½ of 5
“It was pretty faithful to the book but it just didn’t seem as funny or clicked as much as the books. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve read all eighteen and compounding them together, but I don’t remember One being all that dull.”

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