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Eureka producer to create new show, a cross between Eureka and Warehouse 13.

Okay, so Jamie Paglia didn’t exactly say that outright in this news article from Variety but he might as well have. Here is what was wrote:

Rochford, an AFI alum, wrote the pilot about a clandestine organization, known only as “Corporate,” that solves dangerous mysteries caused by science and technology gone awry, topped by an enigmatic leader who operates with a strong moral code and “a very big gun.”

Basically that is Warehouse 13‘s plot only in a hard-scifi setting like Eureka. Of course, tone will have a lot to do with how the show will play out, if it has the zippy-ness of Eureka or the flat drama of Alphas or the grim emo-ness of BSG.

Either way, I’m not sure this show could fill the hole left by Eureka‘s cancellation. I’ll give it a fair shot, as I do most shows, but consider my expectations low.

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Ozymandias: The Finder ruins my Geek Cred.

On the last episode of The Finder, there was a running gag that its not really hacking/breaking into Leo’s computer because he always says his password aloud when he types it in: Ozymandias. While it sounded familiar, I couldn’t place it, hence the now black mark on my Geek Cred. Also helped that I couldn’t spell it either. I happened to run across the word today and the face palm could be heard around the world.

Wiki Article for Ozymandias

So, Ozymandias has several uses and references. What could Leo be referring to?

He doesn’t seem the comic book type, so I’m betting towards it being either a reference to Ramses the Great or the poem by Shelly. Perhaps it was his wife’s favorite poem or maybe it was her nickname for him?

Or maybe it means nothing and the writers were just looking for something cool for Leo to say?

New episode tonight, so maybe we’ll find out.


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