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Castle – S04E15 – “Pandora”

ABC's Castle

Castle – S04E15 – “Pandora”

Castle and Beckett track down a murderer, only to have him calmly disappear from their holding cell. The partners soon find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy between the CIA, an ex-operative, and an ex-asset. A solid episode with a few fun quirks but basically it’s a rehash of last season’s “Setup” and “Countdown”, right down to the cliffhanger.

Score: 3 of 5


The good parts about this episode are:

Castle – S04E15 – “Pandora”

I hope they cleaned the bag...

  • Alexis interning with Laney and Castle is the last to find out. This is going to add a different dynamic to the situation and I hope it’s not a plot line that will be over quickly or forgotten about in later episodes.
  • Beckett’s jealousy of Castle’s CIA ex-flame (Jennifer Beals). The whole set up is very similar to when the show had Dana Delany’s FBI agent but the CIA agent is actually an ex-flame this time and Beckett is more aware of her feelings for Castle.
  • Drop Dead Diva’s Josh Stamberg’s supporting roll as a CIA agent. Of course, this means he’s instantly the number one suspect in my eyes but I’ll forgive him because he does such a wonderful job on Diva.
  • The bags over Castle and Beckett’s head when they go to the CIA headquarters, but probably only made funnier because of Burn Notice’s Michael Weston’s comment: “The worse thing about going to clandestine meetings… they never wash the bag.”

The bad parts about this episode are:

Castle – S04E15 – “Pandora”

Castle is confronted by his ex-flame, a CIA agent.

  • Everything else.
  • We have a plain murder once again and it all leads to a plot to cause some major damage with global repercussions. A federal agency gets involved, heads are butted, but ultimately Castle and Beckett are two steps ahead. Of course, this gets them into trouble. It’s the same plot as “Setup” so much so that at the end of “Setup” Castle and Beckett were trapped in a freezer, at end of “Pandora” they are trapped in a car that’s been plunged into the water.
  • The second part of this episode should hopefully diverge more from “Countdown” (“Setup”’s second part) because you don’t have the same ‘person is being set up to take the fall’ angle going on (or maybe they do, who knows). However, this isn’t going to distract from the point that “Pandora” is too much a direct rehash of “Setup”. Did they not think we’d notice? It’s pretty insulting actually.

And you know what’s worse, we get an episode named after Pandora and it even mentions the myth… yet not a single comment from Castle that Pandora’s box was actually a jar. Castle.

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