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Once Upon a Time – S01E12 – “Skin Deep”

ABC's Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time – S01E12 – “Skin Deep”

Another classic fairytale gets the spin treatment as Princess Belle willing goes into the service of Rumplestiltskin in exchange for her kingdom’s safety. A refreshingly excellent episode amongst a string of ever degrading fare, “Skin Deep” proves that Rumple/Mr Gold is the most interesting character in the whole show. If they had ditched the lame B-plot and focused more on the Rumple/Belle relationship then this could have been a Five Star episode.

Score: 4 of 5


It’s official, I’m a Rumple/Belle shipper, or as I’m calling it, a Rumelle. Being that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale, “Skin Deep” had to go a long way to impress me, and it did.

Once Upon a Time – S01E12 – “Skin Deep”

Belle goes with Rumple in exchange for her kingdom's safety.

First up, they changed Belle into a princess since obviously she wasn’t going to marry into royalty with Rumple as the Beast. And she’s the one to make the choice to be traded to Rumple in exchange for her kingdom’s protection against Ogres. Belle was always the Disney Princess with the most strength and gumption and Emily de Ravin pulled this off better than could be expected. Especially when she comments that she went with Rumple because it was the “brave thing to do” and didn’t fancy a life with the brainless Gaston. This helps to soften the Munchausen Syndrome prevalent in the Beauty and the Beast story.

The episode does skip through much of the romancing side of the story, taking the stance that everyone already knows what’s going to happen anyway. It would have been better if they dropped the lame Valentine’s Day subplot and spent that time on Rumelle. At least we get a ‘time has passed, been able to get to know a lot about you’ throwaway line to explain Belle’s true love in Rumple. (See writer’s, it’s not so hard!)

Once Upon a Time – S01E12 – “Skin Deep”

Belle has gotten to know Rumple and sees the person within.

The loveliest part of “Skin Deep” was the tea cup. In the animated Disney Beauty and the Best one of the most beloved original characters was Chip, the chipped tea cup. Here, Belle drops a cup and chips it on her first day after Rumple gives her a fright. This worries her as she hasn’t quite figured out Rumple isn’t all that bad, and it becomes the only thing Belle physically brings to the relationship. Rumple becomes sentimental over it when he believes she is dead. (Personally, I think Rumple was too quick to trust Evil Queen but hey, it made for a good scene).

The most engaging scene was Regina confronting Mr Gold as he sets in prison in a wonderful call back to the first episode. It’s confirmed that Mr Gold remembers being Rumple and that there is some kind of power play going on. Both of the characters have an end game, but what exactly is it? Regina seems more transparent but Rumple, well, all magic does come with a price.

However, this episode is drug down by a horribly lame B-plot where real life Snow, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood go out on Valentine’s Day as a girl’s night out. Cinderella does nothing but whine and David gives Mary the wrong Valentine’s card. Total waste of screen time.

A good episode among crap ones, I have a feeling next week won’t be any better. Let’s hope for more Rumelle in the future.

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Grimm – S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”

NBC's Grimm

Grimm – S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”

A man is killed, stabbed with a screw driver and dumped into a garbage truck. Nick and Hank are put on the case and the suspect pool includes not one but two different monsters. Meanwhile, a more cautious Juliette eyes people spying on their home and Monroe gets asked to work on a clock but is it more than he can handle? Solid episode which delves into the psychology of mice, men, monsters, and everything in between.

Score: 3 ½ of 5


Grimm – S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”

Monroe returns after being beaten for consorting with Nick.

When I say stabbed with a screw driver, I mean that in the most literal of sense. It’s brutal, personal, and spontaneous. This is why Nick and Hank immediately look at the last people who saw the victim alive and that would be one Mouse and one Snake monster, respectively.

The Mouse is a timid pack rat… yeah, I see what they did there… and the Snake is a slimy personal injury lawyer. A bit blunt there guys but it isn’t a defining trait or really that much of importance so we’ll let it slide.  So which one of them did it? Or was it either of them?

The episode slumps a bit as more pieces are put together, another person is murdered, and we learn more about Mouse and Snake monsters, but then three very interesting things occur.

Juliette sees that her house is being watched and is able to get a license plate. Nick gets an address which Juliette memorizes and goes to. She sees the woman who was watching them and she immediately runs her two kids into the house when she sees Juliette watching. Is this woman a monster, one who is scared that the Grimm is going to catch her? I don’t think Nick really understands what it means to be an active Grimm.

Grimm – S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”

The result of the killer's psychotic break is chilling.

Monroe gets asked to work on a clock, only when he shows up, several monsters beat the crap out of him. Good news is, if they wanted him dead, he’d be dead, so this was only a warning. The Reaper monsters who are after Nick and probably monsters in general don’t like Monroe socializing and upsetting the social monster norm. Nick offers to stop going to Monroe for help but he’ll have nothing of it. He likes helping and he’s not exactly one for doing what is expected of him.

Lastly, our killer is the Mouse who literally snapped. A psychotic break I think they call it. It’s really a wonderful examination of our own inner mouse as this monster could have easily been a human. His digression into a full blow psychosis is both blunt and subtle at the same time. A bit more depth than to be expected from a show like Grimm and that is why this show has a very bright future indeed.

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