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Once Upon a Time – S01E10 – “7:15 A.M.”

ABC's Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time – S01E10 – “7:15 A.M.”

Snow White and Prince Charming’s story takes center stage as the wedding of Charming and Abigail nears. In the real world, Mary and David start circling each other, both unable to get past their feelings. The forbidden romance comes to a head in both worlds but what will be the consequences? Meanwhile, Emma discovers the Stranger’s reason for coming to Storybrooke and the answer opens up more questions. “7:15” is not quite as preachy as “True Noth” but the constant exposition on love and romance does start to wear thin. Nevertheless, another solid episode which pulls us further down the rabbit hole. Wait, is Alice in Wonderland applicable here?

Score: 3 of 5


Once Upon a Time – S01E10 – “7:15 A.M.”

We see Red Ridding Hood for the first time and she's helping Snow White.

As many unanswered questions as this show leaves us with, I am constantly left to wonder… if no one comes to Storybrooke, then how do they get products in their stores and how does the economy not collapse? I’m told it’s because of magic but that doesn’t really satisfy me. I could write a whole article to the effect of how Storybrooke is just not physically possible. Of course, this comes from a girl who watches shows like X-Files without blinking an eye. I get hung up on the weirdest things sometimes.

Moving on, the episode gives us a congruently running story of Snow White trying to forget Charming and Mary trying to forget David. Snow goes to Rumple, who has mad ninja skillz btw, and asks for the cure for a broken heart, which happens to be a magical memory eraser potion. That’s pretty hefty so she wants to think about it first. Rumple gives her the potion in return for a lock of her hair… yeah, that’s not going to end well.

Mary takes a less noble route and effectively stalks David. She tries to quit but finds a wounded bird which she takes to the animal shelter he works at (in mimic of the carrier pigeon Charming sends out to find Snow in fairy world). Mary becomes determined to get the bird back to its flock but a major storm is brewing, literally.

Okay, so the licensed Veterinarian… how does that work? Was he a woodsman or something and the curse just flopped him into a roll and downloaded all the information into him like Neo. “Whoa, I know Veterinary Medicine!”

Once Upon a Time – S01E10 – “7:15 A.M.”

Snow White joins the Seven Dwarves after leaving Prince Charming.

Typical blah blah trope trope later and Mary and David get stuck in a cabin waiting out the storm while Snow’s plan to see Charming lands her in the dungeon. Insert more forbidden romance hyperbole and an eighth dwarf. Now, I am all for adding more dwarfs but seriously, ‘Stealthy’. You name a dwarf Stealthy and then kill him off because you don’t give him mad ninja skillz? Writers.

Charles Widmore then appears and goes all evil on the Snow/Charming relationship because that is what Charles Widmore does. Eventually both Snow/Charming and Mary/David split up because it’s the right thing to do. Of course, in one of the most interesting, if a bit strange, divergences, Mary/David end up kissing in the middle of the street and Charming dumps Abigail for Snow only she’s drank the magic potion and promptly forgotten him.

We know that Snow and Charming end up together, so why is it the writers chose to create more angst and obstacles in that relationship and hook up Mary and David already? It’s possible they (the writers) like the dampened angst of the Snow/Charming relationship (since we know they get together) and they also dislike the will they/won’t they trope relationship that could build with Mary and David? Time will tell and it’s these small touches which keeps us, or at least me, interested.

Oh, and the Stranger? Turns out he’s a writer who is in town because he has something he needs to get done. Could he be a descendent of Grimm or Anderson? Is he from the fairy world? Is he the writer of Henry’s book? Is he Emma’s own ‘Prince Charming’? Will this all end in a church? Actually, that would work out quite nicely…


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Grimm – S01E08 – “Game Ogre”

NBC's Grimm

In what is possibly the best episode of the season so far, “Game Orge” highlights some of the secondary players while Nick sits on the sidelines, though not of his own volition. We learn more about Hank as a character and Captain Renard shows that he’s just as much a cop as a monster. Juliette gets a significant development moment and even Sergeant Wu does more than stand around filling in exposition. All it took was the Grimm-universe’s version of an Ogre who is possibly the scariest monster yet. The series is starting to flesh itself out and let’s hope that “Game Ogre” is really ‘game on’.

Score: 4 of 5


Grimm – S01E08 – “Game Ogre”
Hank and Renard work the case.

I will fully admit that this episode actually gave me a fright. I knew something was going to happen but when the Ogre runs full long through the window and tackles the judge, well, maybe I shouldn’t have been sitting so close to the screen. It was then nice to see Wu doing something other than giving out exposition by showing up on the crime scene and going through the motions of a beat cop.

Nick and Hank investigate and the Captain shows up because it’s a state judge and that warrants him making an appearance, then what follows is more of a Hank and Renard episode as it’s these two who follow the leads to another dead body, this one missing a hand and wearing a watch as a clue. As Hank says, Nick knows a watch guy. There is a fun but awkward moment where Monroe tries to play off that he and Nick aren’t as good friends as they are now.

Monroe is able to quickly get them a lead to the next victim (which I guess is believable, watches are big business so I can see lots of paper trails involved). This leads to a prosecutor that Hank knows and the whole thing clicks. Hank helped put away a man, Oleg Stark (Eric Edelstein, wonderful casting btw), and he’s out for revenge. Renard immediately puts Hank under protective detail, he’s not to leave the station. This is an interesting character point for Renard. We know he’s a monster and he’s got some kind of plan doing for Nick and the other monsters… but he seems to be genuinely concerned for Hank as one of his cops. The line becomes ever more muddled on just how much of a bad guy Renard really is.

Grimm – S01E08 – “Game Ogre”

Nick is sent to the hospital after his run-in with the Ogre.

Stark decides the best way to draw out Hank is to beat the living daylights out of Nick who really gets his butt beat. For a Grimm he’s not very effective against an Ogre, but then I suppose who is? Juliette comes home just in time to scare Stark off by throwing a pan of boiling hot water on him. Nick is hospitalized and Juliette is left to clean up after the mess made by the home intrusion. There is a wonderful underplayed moment as she reacts to what just happened. She’s a strong character but is she strong enough to live the life of a Grimm’s gf/wife? I’m sure more on that soon… if Nick bothers to tell her he’s a Grimm before she finds out the hard way.

But Nick does the one thing his aunt told him not to do and let Monroe know about the trailer, guess that means Nick trusts Monroe that much… or he cares more about Hank to risk it. Monroe gets the gun and poison to kill an Ogre but is too late getting it to Nick. Hank has decided go against Wu’s plan (again, he’s given more to work with in this episode) and leads Stark to a quarry. Monroe follows in what is the worse ‘trailing each other’s cars’ scene I’ve seen in a long while.

Grimm – S01E08 – “Game Ogre”
Monroe prepares to take on the Ogre.

While Stark beats the crap out of Hank, Monroe loads the special gun and it knocks him on his rear but he’s able to take out Stark. So the bad guy is dead, Nick is recovering, and Hank survives, all is well.

Then Renard let’s Hank know how Stark died, a three barreled ‘Elephant Gun’ from the 1800s. Both are very interested in knowing where that came from and who shot it… but for obviously different reasons. I hope this isn’t the beginning of perhaps pitting Hank against Nick, though it would make sense since Nick hasn’t told Hank about him being a Grimm, etc. Not that Hank would really understand.  

A storm is brewing… and Nick is at the center of it.


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Once Upon a Time S01E09 – “True North”

ABC's Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time S01E09 – “True North”

The Evil Queen with Hansel and Gretel

The Evil Queen with Hansel and Gretel

The fable-twist series is starting to get to the second rung of fairytales, the ones that are recognizable but haven’t received major treatment from the film industry. In “True North” we get a spin on the Hansel and Gretel tale where the Evil Queen sends the children into the Blind Witch’s gingerbread house in order to fetch something for her. In the real world, Emma finds a pair of homeless kids (H&G) and tries to find their missing father before they get sent into the foster home. While there is a lot of nice little touches in the episode which will lead to bigger things later on, mostly the audience is treated to long speeches from Emma about how being a foster kid sucks and about what it means to find you have kids. Overall a bland episode but it does lay the ground work for some hopeful fireworks later on. Solid, but preachy episode.

Score: 3 of 5 Stars


Only a few things I really want to point out in this episode, for one, the costuming continues to be great! From the Evil Queen to the Blind Witch, this alone makes the show worth watching.

The Blind Witch

The Blind Witch

Pretty much the rest of the episode is the typical H&G story and Emma trying to find the dad of the real world kids. She is able to use the compass their father gave them to get a name from Mr Gold… who just happened to know it though pretended he had it on record as a purchase. We continue to wonder what his game is.

During her investigation, Henry asks about his own father. Emma tells Henry a lie about who he was/is because apparently he was not a very good man. She makes the dad out to be a hero so this little lie will definitely come back to haunt her… because of course it will.

The children’s father is played by X-Files alum Nicholas Lea, wonderful actor who was just on Supernatural on Friday so good to see him getting more work. He doesn’t know what to make of the news of having kids and decides he doesn’t know how to be a dad so they are on their own. This leads to many more speeches from Emma who is starting to turn into Sheridan from Babylon 5.  

In the fairy world, H&G kill the Blind Witch and retrieve a satchel for the Evil Queen who is, amazingly, grateful. She even offers H&G the equivalence of winning the lottery, but they aren’t stupid, she’s Evil, and turn down her offer. In typical Evil Manically Depressed Queen fashion she makes sure H&G and their dad are separated far apart and holds the grudge into the real world.

Oh, the satchel? Holds the infamous Red Apple that Snow White will be eating soon. Nice to see movement on that plot line.

The episode ends with a mysterious stranger showing up (at first I thought he was going to be Henry’s father so nice to see I was wrong). What does this mean for our Storybrooke dwellers? Odds are… nothing good.

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