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Grimm – S01E10 – “Organ Grinder”

NBC's Grimm

Grimm – S01E10 – “Organ Grinder”

Nick stumbles upon a monster-ran organ smuggling ring which is preying on the homeless. Embracing his inner-Grimm, Nick must locate the monsters responsible before a young girl and her brother become the next victims in this spin on the classic Hansel and Gretel tale. Nick’s character development is given center stage but that isn’t enough to raise this rather boring and predictable episode above the ranks of average.

Score: 3 of 5


Hank says it all when he wonders if it’s just him or is this town getting freakier and freakier? Leaves open the question of whether or not the monsters being conveniently located where a Grimm took up residence is coincidence or design. It also leads Hank farther down the road of discovery of the truth.

Grimm – S01E10 – “Organ Grinder”

Nick intimidates a shop owner.

And is it me or is Juliette too good to be true as Nick’s girlfriend? Could she be a fairy or witch of some sort? If she was a monster then the Aunt wouldn’t have let her live. I hope she does turn out to be something other than a monster (which would be cliché city). If she simply is this good a person then hello Mary Sue-ville.

The Captain knew what they were going up against and wasted no time in using a shotgun on the monster. Again, one has to wonder just what is his end game and where does he stand on monsters in general? More importantly, who was on the other end of that phone call? It was a call we were expecting and let’s hope this story line delivers.

Nick for his part, is really starting to embrace his inner-Grimm in this episode. He intimidates monsters with his Grimm-persona and definitely goes rogue from his cop persona. Granted, two lives where on the line and he had no reason/warrant for being in the shop but it seems like he was way to comfortable throwing his reputation around. Thing is, it isn’t his reputation. If the monsters only knew how little training he’s had and how easy he’d be to kill then they wouldn’t run so much.

As for the plot line, even if this wasn’t an obvious attempt at the Hansel and Gretel story, it was still pretty tropey and predictable. As soon as he spent any amount of time with the doctor we knew she was the ring leader. As soon as the kids were given names we knew that he would have to rescue them, it was only a matter of time before they would be caught. It’s a plot-line seen on just about every cop show in existence.

Even Monroe wasn’t as punchy or interesting in this episode, dragging it down further into mediocrity. Nick’s character development is the only thing that really rescues it. It’s a decent buffer episode at least as last week’s episode was pretty darn good and next week’s looks wicked (in more ways than one).

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TGIF: Yes and No

There is a special place in ratings analysis for Fridays. Shows are allowed to survive at lower ratings because the consensus is no one is really watching tv on Fridays because, well, it’s Friday. Movies premier, functions occur, nightlight hops, etc. But lower ratings mean less advertising dollars, so a show needs to balance that budget between expense and profit just as closely as weekday shows.

But this isn’t a discussion about that, more like a commentary on my life as Friday is the biggest night for tv for me with four shows all airing at 8pm. What is a girl to do?

CW Supernatural
FOX Fringe
NBC Grimm

This is when I miss my dvr.

Well, I am not a nelson home nor do I have a dvr so what I watch has no impact whatsoever, otherwise I’d pick the one with the biggest chance at being canceled as to help it out.

CSI:NY is a pick up show, can watch any time and not lose context plus it’s got great syndication.

Grimm is new but so far good and NBC trends to have the episode online pretty quickly.

Supernatural has plenty of one-off episodes but seven seasons in the show has become complex enough that I have to make sure I don’t miss any episodes.

Fringe is very complex and you never know when something important is going to flash across screen in a seemingly innocuous moment.

As you can probably guess, Fringe wins. It’s not a show to get behind on and it’s always noteworthy to talk about. However, if there is a guest star of note on Supernatural then I might choose it over Fringe.

Of course this is just the 8pm CT slot. SyFy usually had something on at 9pm worth watching and there used to be Chuck at 7pm.

So either Friday is where great tv is dumped or according to studios I need to get my priorities straight. I vote the former.

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Grimm – S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”

NBC's Grimm

Grimm – S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”

A man is killed, stabbed with a screw driver and dumped into a garbage truck. Nick and Hank are put on the case and the suspect pool includes not one but two different monsters. Meanwhile, a more cautious Juliette eyes people spying on their home and Monroe gets asked to work on a clock but is it more than he can handle? Solid episode which delves into the psychology of mice, men, monsters, and everything in between.

Score: 3 ½ of 5


Grimm – S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”

Monroe returns after being beaten for consorting with Nick.

When I say stabbed with a screw driver, I mean that in the most literal of sense. It’s brutal, personal, and spontaneous. This is why Nick and Hank immediately look at the last people who saw the victim alive and that would be one Mouse and one Snake monster, respectively.

The Mouse is a timid pack rat… yeah, I see what they did there… and the Snake is a slimy personal injury lawyer. A bit blunt there guys but it isn’t a defining trait or really that much of importance so we’ll let it slide.  So which one of them did it? Or was it either of them?

The episode slumps a bit as more pieces are put together, another person is murdered, and we learn more about Mouse and Snake monsters, but then three very interesting things occur.

Juliette sees that her house is being watched and is able to get a license plate. Nick gets an address which Juliette memorizes and goes to. She sees the woman who was watching them and she immediately runs her two kids into the house when she sees Juliette watching. Is this woman a monster, one who is scared that the Grimm is going to catch her? I don’t think Nick really understands what it means to be an active Grimm.

Grimm – S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”

The result of the killer's psychotic break is chilling.

Monroe gets asked to work on a clock, only when he shows up, several monsters beat the crap out of him. Good news is, if they wanted him dead, he’d be dead, so this was only a warning. The Reaper monsters who are after Nick and probably monsters in general don’t like Monroe socializing and upsetting the social monster norm. Nick offers to stop going to Monroe for help but he’ll have nothing of it. He likes helping and he’s not exactly one for doing what is expected of him.

Lastly, our killer is the Mouse who literally snapped. A psychotic break I think they call it. It’s really a wonderful examination of our own inner mouse as this monster could have easily been a human. His digression into a full blow psychosis is both blunt and subtle at the same time. A bit more depth than to be expected from a show like Grimm and that is why this show has a very bright future indeed.

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I have a few updates I need to finish, last nights Once Upon a Time, new Grimm and Royal Pains along with some overviews of shows which are between seasons like Haven. But what I really need is to start putting up some film reviews.

I used to see at least one movie a week but since I changed jobs I have more time to write and less to go out and see a movie unless I really want to see it. While I work on trying to figure out what to do about that I’m going to start posting movies which have already been released. I wasn’t sure where to start so going to begin with my all time favorites and move on from there. I should have one up tonight.

As for books, I think I’ll start with the same idea and go from there. Maybe focus on film-related books? It’s always the ‘getting started’ part that is the hardest, isn’t it.


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Grimm – S01E08 – “Game Ogre”

NBC's Grimm

In what is possibly the best episode of the season so far, “Game Orge” highlights some of the secondary players while Nick sits on the sidelines, though not of his own volition. We learn more about Hank as a character and Captain Renard shows that he’s just as much a cop as a monster. Juliette gets a significant development moment and even Sergeant Wu does more than stand around filling in exposition. All it took was the Grimm-universe’s version of an Ogre who is possibly the scariest monster yet. The series is starting to flesh itself out and let’s hope that “Game Ogre” is really ‘game on’.

Score: 4 of 5


Grimm – S01E08 – “Game Ogre”
Hank and Renard work the case.

I will fully admit that this episode actually gave me a fright. I knew something was going to happen but when the Ogre runs full long through the window and tackles the judge, well, maybe I shouldn’t have been sitting so close to the screen. It was then nice to see Wu doing something other than giving out exposition by showing up on the crime scene and going through the motions of a beat cop.

Nick and Hank investigate and the Captain shows up because it’s a state judge and that warrants him making an appearance, then what follows is more of a Hank and Renard episode as it’s these two who follow the leads to another dead body, this one missing a hand and wearing a watch as a clue. As Hank says, Nick knows a watch guy. There is a fun but awkward moment where Monroe tries to play off that he and Nick aren’t as good friends as they are now.

Monroe is able to quickly get them a lead to the next victim (which I guess is believable, watches are big business so I can see lots of paper trails involved). This leads to a prosecutor that Hank knows and the whole thing clicks. Hank helped put away a man, Oleg Stark (Eric Edelstein, wonderful casting btw), and he’s out for revenge. Renard immediately puts Hank under protective detail, he’s not to leave the station. This is an interesting character point for Renard. We know he’s a monster and he’s got some kind of plan doing for Nick and the other monsters… but he seems to be genuinely concerned for Hank as one of his cops. The line becomes ever more muddled on just how much of a bad guy Renard really is.

Grimm – S01E08 – “Game Ogre”

Nick is sent to the hospital after his run-in with the Ogre.

Stark decides the best way to draw out Hank is to beat the living daylights out of Nick who really gets his butt beat. For a Grimm he’s not very effective against an Ogre, but then I suppose who is? Juliette comes home just in time to scare Stark off by throwing a pan of boiling hot water on him. Nick is hospitalized and Juliette is left to clean up after the mess made by the home intrusion. There is a wonderful underplayed moment as she reacts to what just happened. She’s a strong character but is she strong enough to live the life of a Grimm’s gf/wife? I’m sure more on that soon… if Nick bothers to tell her he’s a Grimm before she finds out the hard way.

But Nick does the one thing his aunt told him not to do and let Monroe know about the trailer, guess that means Nick trusts Monroe that much… or he cares more about Hank to risk it. Monroe gets the gun and poison to kill an Ogre but is too late getting it to Nick. Hank has decided go against Wu’s plan (again, he’s given more to work with in this episode) and leads Stark to a quarry. Monroe follows in what is the worse ‘trailing each other’s cars’ scene I’ve seen in a long while.

Grimm – S01E08 – “Game Ogre”
Monroe prepares to take on the Ogre.

While Stark beats the crap out of Hank, Monroe loads the special gun and it knocks him on his rear but he’s able to take out Stark. So the bad guy is dead, Nick is recovering, and Hank survives, all is well.

Then Renard let’s Hank know how Stark died, a three barreled ‘Elephant Gun’ from the 1800s. Both are very interested in knowing where that came from and who shot it… but for obviously different reasons. I hope this isn’t the beginning of perhaps pitting Hank against Nick, though it would make sense since Nick hasn’t told Hank about him being a Grimm, etc. Not that Hank would really understand.  

A storm is brewing… and Nick is at the center of it.


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