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FOX Cancels House, and I’m okay with that.

FOX's House

Word has come down from the powers that be that Hugh Laurie’s Medical!Sherlock drama House is coming to an end at the close of this, its eighth season. It comes as no surprise as Hugh Laurie’s contract was up the end of the season, they already lost Lisa Edelstein, Olivia Wilde and several others, as well the show is suffering middling ratings.

The cast of House on FOX

The cast of House on FOX

I was actually just debating if I should start reviews of House as it’s one of the shows I watch but I kept shrugging it off. For one, the technical babble always tends to get muddled up for me, I can’t keep it straight afterwards. I just know that the same formula of ‘the first two diagnoses are wrong, patient almost dies, House has an ah-ha! moment, patient saved’ is played every week and I can figure it out from there.

While House never quite jumped the shark, it just stopped being as engaging as it once was. It put on a good face by sending him to rehab, having him crash his car into Huddy’s house, etc, but everything in between was simply filler.

I’m glad to see it go peacefully into the night instead of lagging on for another year or so to finally find that shark to jump. There are some great actors on the series and I hope that they can continue on into new roles, House isn’t exactly a major stereotyping style show (unlike SciFi).

The only question I have is… are they going to end House properly? There is still time to shoot a finale, a proper finale. Let’s hope because as I say, the finale makes the show. Eight years folks, let’s hope it was worth it.

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The Glades – Overview – 2 Seasons

The Glades on A&E

This overview is based on the first two seasons as that is all that has aired at this time.

When I first saw the promo for A&E’s The Glades I didn’t think anything of it. Then I stumbled upon the second season premiere and realized that this was something worth watching. A marathon of the first season (and keeping up with the second season) later and I have to say, this is a pretty darn good show. It’s a mix of House and Colombo if you can get that wrapped around your head.

Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore)

Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore)

The series centers around Detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore), a Chicago homicide cop who moves to Florida after an incident with his last Captain. Seems Jim was the only one not sleeping with the Captain’s wife but the only one the Captain accused… and the Captain shot him for it… in the butt. A bit different from the usual and shows just how quirky the series can be at times. But all this is in the past, barely touched on except to explain why he’s there and lend possible credence to his irreverence nature.

Like Dr. House, the guy is a bit of a jerk because he knows he’s just that good at his job. But much like Colombo he’s smart, clever, sees things others don’t (though they don’t really make a big deal out of that with any special effects or anything, refreshing in today tv market) and he has that “just one more thing” quality in how he goes about solving crimes.

Cast of The Glades

Cast of The Glades

He’s aided by forensic pathologist Carlos Sanchez played by Carlos Gomez, and he really does steal the show when he’s on screen. The man has perfect comedic timing and plays the straight man so well I would hazard to say he is the best character of the series. Definitely need to see more and more of him in coming seasons.

The requisite love interest is single (sorta) mom Callie Cargill (Kiele Sanchez) who thankfully is able to make herself more useful than just a love interest. Her son has never been annoying either, so kudos to the writing department on making characters which actually work and do something productive to the story instead of being dead weight.

Lastly you have Jim’s Captain who is just the right mix of strong female/ball breaker/babysitter to Jim’s character as well as the tech savvy intern who is so much fun to get picked on. He also helps with the product placement the series is also forced to endure, one issue that tends to grate a bit but at least can be overlooked.

As for the crimes themselves, nothing too terribly gimmicky, which is also different from today’s CSI, Bones, etc style tv shows. They are usually a little off, a little different, but they don’t take away from the real focus and that is Jim solving the crime.

That is really what makes this show watching, the fact that it is a really well put together show. Nice, straight forward, detective series, a throwback to shows like Columbo and Quincy. Definitely worth checking out and if you can look past Jim’s initial off-putting nature then you’ll not find a more solid hour of crime solving on television.

Score after 2 Seasons: 4 of 5

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