Television Shows listed in Alphabetical Order

Alcatraz (FOX)

Overview – Pilot
S01E03 – “Kit Nelson”
S01E04 – “Cal Sweeney”
S01E05 – “Guy Hastings”
S01E06 – “Paxton Petty”

Castle (ABC)

S04E12 – “Dial M for Mayor”
S04E13 – “An Embarrassment of Bitches”
S04E14 – “The Blue Butterfly”
S04E15 – “Pandora”

Chuck (NBC)

 S05E12 & S05E13 – “Chuck vs Sarah” and “Chuck vs the Goodbye”


S12E12 – “Willows in the Wind”

Finder, The (FOX)

Overview – Pilot
S01E02 – “Bullets”
S01E03 – “A Cinderalla Story”
S01E04 – “Swing and a Miss”

Fringe (FOX)

S04E08 – “Back to Where You’ve Never Been”
S04E09 – “Enemy of My Enemy”
S04E10 – “Forced Perspective”
S04E11 – “Making Angels”
S04E12 – “Welcome to Westfield”

The Glades (A&E)

Overview – 2 Seasons

Grimm (NBC)

S01E08 – “Game Ogre”
S01E09 – “Of Mouse and Man”
S01E10 – “Organ Grinder”

Leverage (TNT)

S04E18 – “The Last Dam Job” – season finale

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

S01E09 – “True North”
S01E10 – “7:15 a.m.”
S01E11 – “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”
S01E12 – “Skin Deep”

Royal Pains (USA)

S03E11 – “A Farewell to Barnes”

StarGate SG-1 (SyFy)

Overview – Complete Series

Supernatural (CW)

S07E12 – “Time After Time”
S07E13 – “The Slice Girls”

Warehouse 13 (SyFy)

Overview – 3 Seasons

White Collar (USA)

S03E11 – “Checkmate”
S03E12 – “Upper West Side Story”
S03E13 – “Neighborhood Watch”


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